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7 to 4 Telugu Movie Review

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Rating: 2.75

Story of the movie:- 7 to 4 showcases a-team comprising of their variety punishments as well as four kids to those who resort to sex attacks on women in Hyderabad throughout the nights.These four protagonists goal defendants of those and also sex offenseswho are in the watch list of police. The storyline is all about thepursuit to nab these offenders and punish them between 7 at night to 4each day of the team.Why do these four friends type as a team ? What'stheir connect with all the police division ? And How do they manageall of this? That forms the rest of the story.

Plus Points:

story is good n different.

Minus Points :
some crime scenes
feeling bore Second Half

Technical works:The points that are brownie are scored by cinematography and musicsections. All the tunes are adequate to hear and are situational. Themood right is set by the title-track sung by Usha Uthup. Particularcamera angles that are advanced showcase Prabhath's vision fornovelty. Editing is not inadequate.Director producer Vijay SekharSankranthi's notion behind creating a film that centers around asocial issue is appreciable. But, the overseer falters in narratingthe story in an engaging manner together with his emotionlessproceedings. Production-value are decent.

verdict:7 to 4 uses the traditional structure of narrating a thriller where afew interesting and small-scale sub plots are woven into the primarytopic. An impressive direct story line that is cast and fascinatingare major highlights of the film. Nonetheless, dearth of link that isemotional that is strong and over the displays that are violent thatare top disappointed the movie completely.

Bottom line:A completely voilence movie lovers like this movie.

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