The highly anticipated teaser for the movie “Kalash” has been released, marking an exciting milestone for the film. Starring Bhanushree, Sonakshi Varma, and Anurag, this Chandraja Art Creations production, directed by Konda Rambabu, is ready to captivate audiences. The teaser was unveiled in a grand ceremony at Prasad Lab, with esteemed director Sagar Chandra doing the honors. The event also saw the launch of the banner and title logos, as well as the unveiling of the motion poster. The release of the movie was commemorated by joint efforts from V.N. Aditya, Veerashankar, Sagarchandra, and Yata Sathyanarayana.

Director Konda Rambabu expressed his gratitude towards the chief guests, unit members, and friends who played a crucial role in bringing the film to life. He also extended a special thanks to producer Chandraja for giving him the opportunity. No compromises were made when it came to the artists and technicians involved, ensuring top-notch quality. Rambabu praised the incredible performances by the cast, including Anurag, Bhanushree, Sonakshi Varma, and Roshini. The film’s success would not have been possible without the guidance of the esteemed Swami Gari and Madam Gari. Rambabu emphasized that the title “Kalash” perfectly encompasses the character and essence of the movie. With a captivating storyline and narrative, he remains confident that “Kalash” will leave a lasting impact on viewers.

Producer Rajeshwari Chandraja expressed her joy at having four renowned directors involved in the first promotion of their debut film. She credited their hard work and dedication, especially that of director Rambabu. Rajeshwari commended the compelling story and the film’s commercial appeal. She thanked all the technicians and artists for their cooperation throughout the production process. Rajeshwari revealed that she had given Rambabu complete creative freedom while requesting his commitment to avoiding any obscenity. The film successfully received certification without any cuts from the censors, marking a significant achievement. Rajeshwari expressed her confidence that audiences would appreciate the final product.

Renowned music director Vijay Kurakula praised Rambabu’s deep involvement in the movie, particularly when it came to the music and background scores. He predicted that the film would be a major hit and bring recognition to his whole team.

Director V.N. Aditya commended the director and producers for their meticulous research and knowledge evident in the teaser. He believed that the movie, named after the symbol of Goddess Lakshmi, the “Kalash,” would undoubtedly bring good fortune. Aditya praised the foresight of the director and producers in choosing a marketable genre, wishing the entire team the best of luck.

Director Veerashankar acknowledged the contrast between watching a movie for enjoyment and making a movie with dedication. He appreciated the professionalism displayed throughout the production of “Kalash.” Veerashankar credited the success to producer Chandraja’s artistic background and her husband’s business acumen. He also commended director Rambabu for his excellent choice of technicians and extended his best wishes to the entire team.

Director Sagar Chandra was thrilled with the quality of the teaser, praising its emotional impact and action. He shared that Veerashankar had already watched the film and expressed positive feedback. Sagar’s confidence in the movie’s ability to impress audiences stemmed from the collective efforts of the talented cast and crew. He wished everyone involved good luck.

Director Yata Satyanarayana acknowledged Rambabu’s talent as a technician and commended him for delivering a remarkable film with the support of excellent producers. Satyanarayana was enthralled by the captivating teaser and praised Vijay Kurakula’s outstanding background score. He extended his best wishes to the entire team of “Kalash.”

The movie boasts an impressive cast, including Bhanushree, Sonakshi Varma, Anurag, Roshini Kamishetti, Jeeva, Sameer, and Ravivarma. Cinematography by Venkat Gangadhari, music by Vijay Kurakula, and editing by Junaid Siddiqui promise to enhance the overall cinematic experience. With lyrics by Sagar Narayana, the film is produced by Dr. Rajeshwari Chandraja Vadapalli and directed by Konda Rambabu.