Running Time: 1 hour, 39 minutes

Released on November 24, 2023

SS Films Productions, Commonman Productions is the banner.

Cast: Vamsi Kotu, Yug Raam, Spandana Palli, and others

Saravana Vasudevan’s music

Saikumaar Daara, cinematography

Srikanth Patnaik, editor

Produced by: Srinivas K. Naidu, Smriti Sagi

Director and Writer: Raam Ganni

“The Trail,” starring Vamsi Kottu, Yug Raam, and Spandana Palli, will transport you on an exhilarating voyage. Raam Ganni’s film, which opens on November 24, has already piqued the interest of moviegoers. The protagonist of the story is SI RUPA, played by Spandana Palli, who becomes the primary suspect in her husband’s mysterious death. The pursuit of the truth is the central theme of the film. The acting in “The Trail” is excellent. Spandana Palli portrays her character immaculately, demonstrating both her emotional acting and dialogue delivery prowess. As the investigating officer, Vamsi Kotu makes an impression by effectively encapsulating the core of his position.


Yug Raam’s portrayal is compelling and relatable because he gives his character nuance and complexity. The performance of the remaining cast members is likewise excellent, which adds to the movie’s overall success. The screenplay and direction by Raam Ganni keep the audience engaged from start to finish. The film is filled with twists and turns that keep viewers on the edge of their seats.


While there are a few repetitive scenes due to the limited indoor locations, the captivating storytelling makes up for it. The interval block leaves audiences craving more, and the climax provides a satisfying conclusion to the story. The background music by Saravana Vasudevan adds depth to the narrative, while the cinematography by Saikumaar Daara is visually stunning.


Srikanth Patnaik’s editing ensures a seamless flow of the film. The thought-provoking dialogues and high production values reflect the commitment to delivering a quality cinematic experience. Overall, “The Trail” is an interesting investigative thriller that keeps you guessing until the end. Raam Ganni’s directorial finesse shines through, making this a compelling and memorable film.

So get ready to be thrilled on November 24 when “The Trail” hits the screens.


“The Trail” Movie Cinemirchi Rating: 2.75/5