Gaddar’s daughter, Vennela, unveiled the trailer and songs of the upcoming movie “Ukku Satyagraham” with the slogan “Visakha Ukku Andhrula Hakku.”

Vennela expressed, “My father, Gaddar, has always been dedicated to serving the people. His songs have always shed light on the issues faced by the common man. Even during the tough times of the pandemic, he tirelessly worked to help the people of Andhra and Telangana through his songs and acts. It’s an honor for me to be a part of this film, where he displays his talent not only as an actor but also as a writer.”

Well-known bus conductor and singer, Jhansi, shared her reasons for joining the movie, stating, “Social media has become a powerful platform where both good and bad things happen. Movies, directed by individuals, have the ability to convey positive or negative messages. I chose to be a part of this film because it offers a solution to the people’s problems. I am grateful to Sathya Reddy for giving me this opportunity.”

Director Trinadha Rao Nakkina expressed his admiration for Gaddar, saying, “Gaddar Garu is a multifaceted artist and a true advocate for social issues. It is a privilege for me to be associated with him through this film. Although I primarily direct commercial films, I have a deep appreciation for movies that address public concerns. I would like to thank Sathya Reddy for inviting me to this event, and I hope this film achieves great success.”

Visakhapatnam MLA, Dharmashree, extended birthday wishes to Sathya Reddy and shared her excitement about being a part of the movie. She stated, “This film serves as a tribute to the people who have sacrificed their lives for the Visakhapatnam steel issues. Gaddar Garu, a writer, singer, and leader, has contributed two songs to this film, reaffirming his support and dedication to fighting for the people’s problems.”

Satya Reddy, the director, emphasized his personal connection with Gaddar, explaining, “Gaddar is like a father to me. His absence is deeply felt, but having his daughter Vennela by our side is a great gift. This movie aims to highlight the challenges faced during the Visakha steel movement. I would like to extend my gratitude to Trinadha Rao Nakkina and MLA Dharmashree for attending this event.”

The cast of the movie includes Gaddar Garu, Satya Reddy, Jhansi, MLA Dharmashree, MVV Satyanarayana, Prasanna Kumar, and Vennela.

The music for the movie is composed by Srikoti, and Menaga Srinu is the editor. Produced by Janam Entertainments, the film is written, directed, and produced by P Satya Reddy. Public Relations are handled by Madhu VR.