Let’s dive into the buzz surrounding this highly anticipated movie. It’s the first time we’re seeing a Hindi dubbed film generate such immense excitement. The opening day has been mind-blowing, as early morning shows have left the audience shocked and in awe. Kudos to the director for creating such a massive buzz!

Now, let’s discuss the movie itself. The first half is solid, despite its lengthiness. However, the second half falls short. It’s weighed down by unnecessary scenes, and if we’re being honest, around 45 minutes could easily be trimmed. Nevertheless, the presentation of the story, although predictable, is well done. The first half keeps you engaged, but the second half unfortunately becomes slow and boring.

The direction is a standout in this film. Shot composition, performances by the cast, casting choices, and backgrounds are all top-notch. The presentation of the movie feels foreign, especially with its similarities to Korean films. However, it’s important to note that some scenes are presented in a vulgar manner. While some may see it as bold, it becomes difficult to watch with families and ladies present. For instance, a lengthy scene featuring a discussion between the hero and heroine crosses certain boundaries. There are several scenes of this nature that test our patience. Additionally, the violence in the film is excessive and lacks any artistic beauty. It is worth mentioning the brilliance in violence seen in movies by director RGV. In this film, the violence feels a bit awkward as the boundaries are pushed to an extreme level. However, there is one beautifully shot scene where Bobby Deol’s character sleeps atop the hero during a fight.

Not only do families and ladies find it challenging to connect with the excessive violence, but the overall runtime of nearly three and a half hours (which can extend to four hours in theaters with ads and intermission) is the movie’s biggest drawback. If there was one thing that the director could have improved as the editor, it would be the runtime. However, certain scenes do showcase the director’s editing skills.

“Animal” reminds us of “Arjun Reddy” in parts, but ultimately, it holds its own. The story is simple yet effective, and the screenplay is decent in parts. The dialogues, while not exceptional, offer some realistic discussions. However, there was a great opportunity for strong dramatic dialogues within this script.

The cinematography is superb, reaching new levels of brilliance. The pre-interval action sequence leaves a lasting impact, and the lighting schemes in some scenes are well-executed. The editing is good overall, though, again, the runtime is a significant drawback. The songs are decent, with the father’s song standing out. A special mention must be made of Sonu Nigam’s contribution, particularly in the background score. His work enhances the scenes and manages to narrate certain moments without any dialogue, creating a terrific impact. I would put it in the range of Anirudh’s work. The fight sequences are well done, although they could have toned down on the violence.

The costumes and art direction are commendable, showcasing attention to detail. The director’s work truly shines through, ensuring every frame is carefully crafted. The production values are top-notch, evident in the film’s good budget.

Ranbir Kapoor’s performance is exceptional, taking it to the next level. He truly showcases a different side of his acting abilities in this movie. Anil Kapoor delivers a solid performance, while Rashmika and Bobby Deol also do a commendable job. The actor who portrays Ranbir’s sister’s husband deserves special recognition, along with Ajay Devgn for his voice dubbing. The remaining cast is decent, with good support from both supporting and background artists.

Casting has been done well, and the supporting and background artists add depth to the film. Mose importantly, the posters are intriguing and eye-catching.

In conclusion, “Animal” is an average movie overall. The opening buzz has been outstanding, and it will be interesting to see how it performs commercially. I would give it a

Cinemirchi.com Rating of 2.75/5