Nani’s ‘Hi Nanna’ was on the verge of being postponed due to the immense hype surrounding ‘Animal,’ directed by the maker of ‘Arjun Reddy’ and promising intense action. However, after the reviews started coming in and word of mouth spread, it became clear that Nani had nothing to worry about. ‘Animal’ is not getting mixed reviews, but it lacks the power to overshadow a film like ‘Hi Nanna.’ Additionally, the weak second half and excessively long runtime of ‘Animal,’ along with its unsuitability for families, quickly diminished the excitement around it. Now, it’s up to debutant director Shouryuv to captivate the audience with his emotional storytelling from the start. The initial buzz and critical reception will be crucial, as a positive response could give ‘Hi Nanna’ a strong chance of success.