The success meet of the film ‘Upendra Gadi Adda’, directed by S.S.L.S and produced by Kancharla Achyutarao under Creations banner, was held at Prasad Lab in Hyderabad. The event was filled with joy and excitement with Kancharla Upendra as the hero, Savitri Krishna as the heroine, and Aryan Subhan as S.K.

During the event, Kancharla Achyuta Rao, the film producer, expressed his gratitude to the audience for supporting ‘Upendra Gadi Adda’. He emphasized the importance of content and promised that future films under their banner would be message-oriented. They also shared their plans to allocate a portion of the film’s profits for service programs through Upakar Charitable Trust. Additionally, there were discussions about releasing the film in Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada, and Hindi, aiming to reach a wider audience.

The film’s hero, Upendra, thanked everyone who contributed to his success. He acknowledged the support of his father and his team from the beginning of his career and expressed his happiness in connecting with the audience as a hero. Upendra also appreciated the positive feedback from the media and promised to continue proving himself as an actor in future projects. He extended his thanks to the entire film unit and emphasized the director’s excellent storytelling skills and the hard work of the technicians.

Director Aryan Subhan S.K. expressed gratitude towards the audience for their support and acknowledged the educational aspects included in the film. The film’s heroine, Savitri Krishna, also thanked the director and producers for the opportunity to act in such a great film.

During the event, the poster for Upendra’s upcoming film ‘IPS369’, set to release on March 8, 2024, was unveiled. The co-producers, music director, cinematographer, dialogue writer, and other actors and technicians present at the event expressed their happiness and pride in the success of the film.