Thikamakatanda is gearing up for release on December 15 with a new concept called Forgetting things for all the people in the town. The pre-release event of this movie was grand. Twins Harikrishna and Ramakrishna as heroes, Annie and Rekha Nirosha as heroines is the movie Thikamakatanda directed by Venkat. Producers C. Kalyan, Damodar Prasad and Prasannakumar were the chief guests for this pre-release event and congratulated the movie team.

Producer C. Kalyan Garu said: The reason why I came to this program in particular is that Ramana is who worked as an assistant to Gautham whom you all call him Venkat now and today he is introducing himself to us as a director with the movie Tikamakatanda. He worked very hard to make this film. I wish this film to be a good success for Venkat. Also, fight master Ram Laxman who came as twins technicians and became heroes, but these twins Ram and Hari are both being introduced to the Telugu industry as heroes and heroines Annie and Rekha Nirosha are all working very hard to bring the film to us. Tirupathi Srinivasa Rao on top of TSR Movie Makers worked very hard and believed in Venkat and produced the film, so I wish with all my heart that the film will be a success. He said that if a small film is good, the industry will be good, so he wants a small film to be accepted as a good film and succeed instead of being a big film.

Producer Damodar Prasad said: When I saw the trailer of the movie, I found it very interesting. I believe that this movie produced by Tirupati Srinivas on TSR Movie Makers will definitely be a success. Venkat is a very hard working person and it took him some time to become a director but he said that the hard work will definitely be rewarded and he wants this film to be a success.

Producer Prasanna Kumar Garu said: I thought these titles were very strange even though there are hits based on the title, this also belongs to that category. Venkat worked as an assistant to Gautam Menon, he is currently coming up with a movie called Thikamakatanda under his direction, so he definitely wants it to be a success. Also I wish good success to the heroes Harikrishna, Ramakrishna heroines Annie, Rekha Nirosha. Today there is no small or big movie but only a good movie. He said that he is sure that the Telugu audience will appreciate this movie and hope that it will be a success.

Music director Suresh Bobbili said: I am very happy to get the opportunity to be the music director of this film. He thanked Producer Tirupathi Srinivasa Rao and director Venkat for giving him this opportunity.

Director Venkat Garu said: When I first told this story to producer Tirupati Srinivasa Rao, he said the same thing, I am getting ready to make this film for my sons. This movie started when the hero Harikrishna Ramakrishna liked the story. Harikrishna, Ramakrishna, annie and Rekha all supported well. Sivannarayana garu, Rocket Raghava, Yadama Raju, Bhaskar each character is also very highlighted and each one supports me. I can’t say that I have made a great film, but I can definitely say that I have made a good film. He said that he wants this movie to be a success. Also, special thanks were given to the producers C Kalyan, Damodar Prasad and Prasanna Kumar who came to support this movie.

Producer Tirupati Srinivasa Rao said: Thanks to C Kalyan, Damodar Prasad, Prasanna Kumar who came to support our event.We have made this film with a lot of hard work and we hope that the Telugu audience will bless our effort.

Heroine Rekha Nirosha said: Thanks to producer Tirupathi Srinivas Rao and Venkat for giving him a chance in this film. It was a pleasure to work with my costars Harikrishna, Ramakrishna and Annie. We all want this movie to be a success.

Heroine Annie said: In my life I have been doing films since my childhood, I got an unforgettable character from the movie Rajanna and thankful to Vijayendra Prasad garu and Nagarjuna garu for Rajanna movie. I will always be indebted to my parents for being where I am today. Now I am thankful to Venkat garu for giving me this opportunity as a heroine. SHe said that audience will support and give good success to this film and the team.

Heroes Harikrishna and Ramakrishna said: We didn’t make this film because we have money, we made it with our passion for the film. My father told us that I am showing you this film as a stepping stone and you have to rise above your difficulties. We will uphold the trust he has placed on us and also uphold the name of our banner.

Tirupati Satyam Presents
Production: TSR Moviemakers
Producer: Tirupathi Srinivasa Rao
Director: Venkat
Cast : Harikrishna, Ramakrishna, Annie, Rekha Nirosha, Sivannarayana, Rocket Raghava, Yadama Raju, Bhaskar
Story: Nirup Kumar
DOP : Harikrishnan
Editor : Kumar Nirmalasrujan
Music Director : Suresh Bobilli
PRO: Madhu VR