The finale of Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 was marred by chaos, overshadowing the victory of Pallavi Prashanth. The unruly behavior on display led to the destruction of TSRTC buses, prompting police intervention and resulting in cases being filed against Pallavi and his supporters.

The Managing Director of TSRTC, VC Sajjanar, strongly condemned the chaotic scenes, highlighting the societal harm caused. In total, six buses were damaged, leading to complaints from RTC officials and contestants Ashwini and Geetu.

The latest news reveals that two individuals connected to the ruckus have been arrested, but Pallavi Prashanth, the main accused and winner of the show, is still at large.

During his time on the show, Pallavi Prashanth made a heartfelt promise to donate his entire prize money to impoverished farmers, portraying himself as a “Raithu Bidda” who deeply understood their struggles. This declaration garnered sympathy from the viewers, ultimately securing his victory in the competition.

However, after his triumph, when questioned by the media about fulfilling his promise to support the farmers, Pallavi deflected the conversation. He insisted that reporters visit his farm, thoroughly cover its activities, and provide him with additional publicity before he would even consider donating the prize money.

What is particularly striking is the arrogant demeanor exhibited by Pallavi Prashanth, as he also questioned the contributions of YouTube channels to the welfare of farmers. This sudden change in behavior has left the public shocked and disillusioned.

Disappointed voters, who had once supported Pallavi for his pledge, are now expressing regret for casting their votes in his favor during the show.