Sarkaru Naukari Movie Review in Telugu!

Release Date: 31-12-2023
Genre: Family Drama
Duration: 1h 57m
Rating: U/A
Showing in theaters

Cast: Akash Goparaju, Bhavana, Tanikella Bharani, Madhulota, Mahadev, Sai Srinivas, etc.
Director: Ganganamoni Shekhar
Producer: K. Raghavendra Rao
Music: Sandilya Bobbili, Suresh Bobbili (Background Music)
Cinematography: Ganganamoni Shekhar
Cinemrichi Movie Rating: 2.75/5

It is not uncommon for the children of film celebrities to follow in their footsteps and enter the film industry. While it’s typically the children of actors and directors who become the new heroes, it’s rare for the children of singers to enter the industry as protagonists. Recently, Akash Goparaju, son of renowned Tollywood singer Sunitha, made his debut as a hero with the movie “Sarkaru Naukari”. This film delves into the story of the 1990s, marking a promising experimental start for Sunitha’s son. But did his experiment succeed? Did it impress the audience? Let’s find out.

Gopal (Akash Goparaju), a hardworking individual, secures a government job. Satya (Bhavna) agrees to marry Gopal as his job offers prospects of promotion. Soon after their marriage, Gopal is transferred to the village of Kolhapur in MahabubNagar district, where he is respected due to his government position. The entire movie is set in 1996, a time when AIDS was prevalent. Gopal is assigned the task of distributing condoms by higher officials due to his government role. However, as time goes on, some people in the village start losing respect for Gopal and begin calling him derogatory names.

Feeling disrespected and with villagers ostracizing them, Gopal’s wife becomes increasingly despondent. She suggests that they leave their current job and relocate to another town, but Gopal adamantly refuses to quit. This leads to a heated argument between them, resulting in her returning to her birthplace. Later, the village experiences a drastic increase in AIDS cases, leading to numerous deaths. The story revolves around Gopal’s efforts to raise awareness about AIDS in the village and his connection to Kolhapur.

In an era dominated by mass movies, “Sarkaru Naukari” offers a refreshing and distinct storyline. The movie effectively captures the atmosphere of the 1990s, depicting the ignorance people had regarding AIDS during that time. While the current understanding of AIDS has improved significantly, this film may resonate more with those who grew up in the 90s, evoking nostalgia. Director Ganganamoni Shekhar successfully selects and progresses the story, delivering a powerful message with a blend of comedy and emotions. The first half of the movie is filled with comedic moments, while the emotional aspects intensify leading up to the interval and continue until the end. Notably, the hero’s flashback scenes bring tears to the audience’s eyes.

Actors Performance:
Despite this being Akash Goparaju’s first film, as the son of Sunitha and a 90s kid himself, he excels in his acting, particularly in the emotional scenes. Bhavana, playing the wife troubled by her husband’s situation, also delivers a remarkable performance, skillfully portraying the character’s emotions. The rest of the cast performs according to their respective roles.

Technical Department:
Given the film’s emphasis on emotional scenes, the background music plays a crucial role. Suresh Bobbili, the background music director, provides a commendable score that complements the story. Additionally, Sandilya Bobbili’s songs enhance the overall experience. Director Ganganamoni Shekre’s cinematography effectively translates his vision onto the screen, capturing the essence of the time period. Editor Raghavendra Rao skillfully weaves the scenes together.

Plus Points :
– Engaging storyline
– Comedy in the first half
– Powerful emotional scenes

Minus Points :
– Weak screenplay
– Disappointing ending

Final word: “Sarkaru Naukari” is a movie that will appeal to those who grew up in the 90s.

Cinemirchi Movie Rating: 2.75/5