Hold onto your seats, because superstar Mahesh Babu and top director Trivikram are back with their third collaboration in Guntur Kaaram. This mass action film has been highly anticipated by fans and features the stunning beauties Sree Leela and Meenakshi Chaudhary as the leading actors. With Thaman serving as the music director, you can expect a powerful soundtrack in this film. Not only that, but Guntur Kaaram also boasts a strong emotional drama, with the brilliant Ramya Krishna and Prakash Raj playing important roles apart from the main cast. Under the banner of Haarika and Hassine Creations, this big-budget attempt is set to break records at the box office. Now let’s dive into the story of Guntur Kaaram: Vasundhara, portrayed by the sensational Ramya Krishna, is a powerful minister and the daughter of Vyra Venkata Swamy (played by the versatile Prakash Raj). However, she divorces Satyam (Jayaram) and remarries Rao Ramesh, creating tension within the family. To add fuel to the fire, she keeps her elder son Ramana (Mahesh Babu) away from the family. As Venkata Swamy and his associates try to manipulate Ramana into signing away his claims to the family inheritance, the plot thickens. Will Ramana be able to outsmart their tactics and bring about a reconciliation between mother and son? Guntur Kaaram kicks off as a refreshing family story, distinguishing itself from commercial films typically associated with top heroes. However, this promising start fizzles out as the film progresses. While the first half of the film relies heavily on Mahesh’s impeccable characterization, providing some entertainment value, the second half falls short and disappoints. Trivikram’s vision, which was once celebrated, seems lackluster compared to his previous work, like Agnathavaasi. Let’s break down the strengths and weaknesses of Guntur Kaaram: On the


On the positive side, Mahesh Babu’s portrayal and energy shine through, along with a decent first half that manages to keep audiences engaged. Additionally, the two mass songs and Sreeleela’s mesmerizing dance performances add some flavor to the film’s overall appeal. On the flip side, the story, screenplay, and direction leave much to be desired. The weak dialogue and poor production values also hinder the film’s impact. With only two genuinely appealing songs, Guntur Kaaram fails to impress on multiple fronts. In conclusion, “Guntur Kaaram” can be best described as a mediocre movie. While Mahesh Babu’s talent and charisma manage to salvage the film to some extent, the lackluster second half undoes the somewhat positive impact of the first half. Trivikram’s distinctive style is noticeably absent from this film, and it falls short in terms of production value compared to Mahesh Babu’s previous ventures.

Cinemirchi.com Rating “Guntur Kaaram” a modest 2.75/5

Director: Trivikram Srinivas

Music: Thaman S Cinematography: Manoj Paramahamsa, P. S. Vinod

Producers: Haarika & Hassine Creations