Hey there! Did you catch the latest episode of “Shark Tank India”? It’s got everyone talking, especially after a team of Telugu filmmakers shook things up with their proposal for a film production. Directors Raj Madiraju and producer Umamaheshwar Rao are aiming to create the sequel to their successful film “Krishna Rama,” this time shooting it in the United States with the catchy title “Dollar Krishna Rama.”

It’s not every day that we see filmmakers stepping onto the set of Shark Tank, so this proposal really caught everyone by surprise. Raj and Mahesh shared their insights on the booming Telugu film industry, the potential for a profitable venture, and the excitement of creating something new.

Even if the team doesn’t walk away with an investment, their courage to present such a unique idea is truly praiseworthy. After all, it’s not every day that we get to witness a film production pitch on the show!

Stay tuned to see how this exciting proposal unfolds and whether the sharks take a bite. Who knows, we might just witness history in the making on “Shark Tank India”!