Review: Plot

Headline: The plot twist that is Rahul’s life

‘Plot’, produced by Karthik Sepuru, Bhanu Bhava Tharaka, and Tharun Vighneswar Sepuru, was released in theatres this Friday.


Rahul (Vikas Muppala) is a serial entrepreneur who has tasted only failures all his life. To make matters worse, his girlfriend Deepu (Gayathri Gupta) has been traumatized. And the Rahul-Deepu duo are facing a life threat in addition. They are running out of time and may have to flee the country.

This is when Rahul joins hands with an old friend by the name Rahul to try his luck in real estate. Obsessed with material success, he wants to shine in the murky world of realty. As he throws ethics to the winds, he faces an unlikely threat in the form of a mystery man. Is there a blast from the past?


Vikas Muppala is excellent in a complicated role that doesn’t have place for typical hero elements. He is vulnerable and nervous at once. He smiles rarely but doesn’t overdo the anxiety innate to his character. Gayathri Gupta makes the viewer feel her suffocation. She pines for freedom from fear and the actress portrays her character’s restlessness with nuance.

Sajiv Pasala, who plays the other Rahul, is subtle. The dialogue delivery and tonality maintained by all the artists suit the subdued, psychological mood of the film.

Technical Departments:

Writer-director Bhanu Bhava Tharaka draws the best from cinematographer Raman, whose camera angles make us feel the psyche of the characters. Still camera movements and top-angle shots, for example, make sense.

This is an Editing-based thriller where Editor Vinay adheres to his director’s vision. The shifting timelines don’t confuse you if you keep track of the scenes without getting distracted.

Art Director Shiva Kumar Macha ensures that the film attains a multiplex quality. In recent years, only a few Indie films have achieved a remarkable aesthetic. ‘Plot’ is one such.

Kudos to composer Karthik Rodriguez for keeping the score measured. The brooding and frightening nature of the plot turns has been conveyed without run-of-the-mill notes. Nagarjuna Thallapalli and Sai Maneendhar Reddy’s sound design is deft.


The film is a commentary on human greed. Rahul’s obsession with material success has been portrayed with a touch of surrealism. The commercial logic of real estate makes him believe that the dead don’t deserve the graveyard. The poetic justice towards the end couldn’t have been more poetic.

The protagonist’s evolving psyche makes us wonder if ‘Plot’ is a coming-of-age drama masquerading as a neo-noir crime thriller. Rahul’s day job is shown in all its everydayness. Marketing in the realty sector is tricky and is fraught with habitual lies. The emotions of customers are preyed upon as a ritual here.

With metaphors and rare themes like stolen identity, ‘Plot’ keeps us engaged despite the convoluted narration. Some elements like ego clashes between the two Rahuls make sense only in the climax.

Man, consumed with greed and ambition, lives in a state of denial. ‘Plot’ lends a philosophical undercurrent by making memory and delusions its central themes.


If you are fascinated by psychological thrillers with dramatic and rare themes, ‘Plot’ is the one for you.

Cinemirchi Rating:3/5