Movie Title: Aadikeshava
Review Rating: 2/5

“Aadikeshava” is a film that has been highly anticipated due to its collaboration between Panjaa Vaisshnav Tej and Sreeleela. However, the movie fails to live up to the hype and struggles to impress its viewers. After multiple delays, the film has finally released in theaters today.

The story revolves around the character of Balu (played by Panja Vaisshnav Tej), who applies for a sales executive position at Chitra’s (Sreeleela) company. Chitra is impressed by Balu’s idea and falls in love with him, despite the ordinary nature of his idea.

Vaisshnav Tej’s performance lacks the sincerity and natural expressions that were seen in his debut film “Uppena”. His attempt at action stunts in the second half of the film feels out of place and doesn’t suit him.

Sreeleela, on the other hand, has slimmed down and looks gorgeous on-screen. Despite having a silly role, she injects some energy into the film, especially during the songs. However, talented actor Joju George is wasted in a clichéd role with no good scenes for him.

Technical aspects like the songs composed by GV Prakash and the cinematography are visually appealing. Sreeleela’s presence adds vibrant colors to songs like “Bujji Bangaram” and “Sitthara Sitravathi”. The overall production values are satisfactory.

Highlights of the film include Sreeleela’s performance and its short runtime. However, the drawbacks outweigh the positives. The story is clichéd, the scenes feel silly, and the action stunts are over the top. The flashback episode also feels like a spoof.

Director N Srikanth Reddy seems to have crammed all the clichéd sequences into the first half of the film. Some scenes are so illogical that it’s unclear if they are meant to be comedy or real. The action stunts are not only exaggerated but also gory, making them difficult to watch.

In the second half, there is only one interesting episode before the penultimate climax. The film ultimately falls into the trap of being a dated faction film, lacking originality. While Sreeleela’s dance sequences are captivating, the overall film fails to deliver.

In conclusion, “Aadikeshava” is a film that heavily relies on clichés and lacks innovation. Despite Sreeleela’s strong performances, the movie falls short of expectations.

Objective: To provide a straightforward review of the movie “Aadikeshava” and highlight its strengths and weaknesses.