Kota Bommali PS Movie Review: A Remake with Strong Performances

Kota Bommali PS“, directed by Teja Marni, is a remake of the Malayalam hit film ‘Nayattu’. Starring Srikanth, Varalakshmi Sarath Kumar, Rahul Vijay, Shivani Rajasekhar, Murali Sharma, Pawan Tej Konidela, Banerjee, and others, the movie offers a thrilling story set in the backdrop of a by-election in Tekkali, AP.

The plot revolves around the accidental death of a person belonging to the social group with the most votes in the constituency. The incident becomes a political issue as constables Ramakrishna (Srikanth), Ravi (Rahul Vijay), and Kumari (Shivani Rajasekhar) are involved in a clash with members of the deceased community just hours before the accident. Home Minister Barisela Jayaram (Murali Sharma) vows to arrest the accused within 24 hours to secure the party’s win in the elections. Encounter specialist SP Razia Ali (Varalakshmi Sarath Kumar) is assigned the task.

Kota Bommali PS delves into the theme of how some people exploit the power within the system, leaving innocent individuals as scapegoats. The film tackles this storyline with intensity and keeps the audience engaged throughout. The direction, writing, and performances contribute to the movie’s success.

Director Teja Marni, known for his previous work in ‘Johar’, handles the political scenes in Kota Bommali PS effectively. The pacing is engaging, with the suspense building up till the climax. The film successfully maintains the thrill and leaves the audience wondering about the outcome. The songs enhance the narrative without hindering the story’s flow. The background music adds depth to the overall experience. The cinematography and production values are commendable.

Srikanth shines in his role as Ramakrishna, delivering a memorable performance akin to his earlier standout role in ‘Khadgam’. The entire cast delivers strong performances, with Murali Sharma’s dialogues about the system standing out. The writing is simple yet effective, leaving viewers with thoughts to ponder.

Overall, Kota Bommali PS is an engaging thriller that captivates with its strong performances and tight storytelling. While the premise may not be entirely unique, the film’s execution and attention to detail make it worth watching.

Ramakrishna’s portrayal at the start of the film exudes simplicity, showcasing his natural acting skills. However, as the story progresses, Koladi’s heroism takes center stage, captivating the audience with his flawless performance. One cannot help but feel their heartstrings being tugged during the emotionally-charged scene featuring his daughter. Srikanth emerges as the original hero of this tale, while Varalakshmi Sarath Kumar delivers a remarkable performance as the anti-hero, leaving us in awe with her intriguing laughter and body language.** **Rahul Vijay and Shivani Rajasekhar may not fit the stereotypical image of heroines, but they portray their characters with great depth. Murali Sharma once again leaves a lasting impression with his distinct mannerisms and dialogue delivery. Praveen, Banerjee, CVL Narasimha Rao, Dayanand, and Pawan Tej Konidela all excel in their respective roles.** **In conclusion, ‘Kota Bommali PS’ is like a slow poison that gradually engulfs us in its world. What unfolds on the screen is a thought-provoking and gripping thriller that keeps us hooked for two riveting hours. The performances by Srikanth and Varalakshmi Sarathkumar are nothing short of captivating, drawing us close to the rawness of nature. Murali Sharma’s impactful words shed light on the system and individuals who are driven by greed. For those seeking content-driven cinema, this film is an absolute must-watch that should not be missed.

Ramakrishna’s character at the beginning of the movie is a straightforward constable. His natural acting stands out as the story progresses. Koladi’s heroism and performance are elevated, especially in the heart-wrenching scene involving his daughter. Srikanth is the main hero of the story, while Varalakshmi Sarath Kumar plays the role of an anti-hero, adding intrigue with her laughter and body language. Rahul Vijay and Shivani Rajasekhar portray their characters well, even though they are not the typical hero and heroine. Murali Sharma impresses once again with his unique mannerisms and delivery of dialogues. Praveen, Banerjee, CVL Narasimha Rao, Dayanand, and Pawan Tej Konidela do justice to their respective roles.
In conclusion, ‘Kota Bommali PS‘ is a captivating and thought-provoking thriller. It starts off simple but gradually immerses us in its world. Srikanth and Varalakshmi Sarathkumar’s performances are captivating, and the film feels grounded in reality. Murali Sharma’s words about the system and those who take bribes and misuse power make us contemplate. Audiences who crave content-driven movies won’t be disappointed.
Kota Bommali PS Review : 3/5