VJ. Sunny, known for his previous venture ‘Unstoppable’, is back with ‘Sound Party’, a film that aims to entertain with its delightful and humorous content. The teaser and trailer have generated curiosity among movie enthusiasts, promising an immersive and laughter-filled experience as VJ. Sunny showcases his unique charm and comedic flair in ‘Sound Party’.

Set against the vibrant backdrop of Bodhan, Telangana, ‘Sound Party’ follows the journey of Kuber Kumar (portrayed by Shivannarayana) and his son, Raghava (played by VJ.Sunny), affectionately called Dollar Kumar, as they embark on a quest for wealth through unconventional means. As the story unfolds, the consequences of their relentless pursuit of affluence become apparent, connecting the lives of key characters in unexpected ways.

VJ.Sunny delivers a commendable performance in ‘Sound Party’, showcasing versatility through his mannerisms, expressive body language, and engaging emotions. Shivannarayana adds to the film’s entertainment value with his antics and witty one-liners. Hrithika Srinivas makes a charming debut on screen, although her screen time and dialogues are limited. Vennela Kishore’s voice-over adds momentum, while Prudhviraj delivers a satisfactory performance as an MLA. Sapthagiri, with his comedic style, leaves a memorable mark. Supporting actors like Chalaki Chanti, Shailaja Priya, Prem Sagar, and Bhuvan Salur contribute effectively.

The storyline for ‘Sound Party’ doesn’t break new ground, echoing the style of the 80s with a screenplay reminiscent of a serial. While the first half maintains a decent flow, the second half loses its way. The film heavily relies on comedic scenes and witty dialogues for entertainment, but routine elements hinder the overall impact. Despite its weak plot, the film manages to evoke some laughs, but ultimately concludes on a predictable note.

The cinematography by Srinivas Reddy captures the village atmosphere with aesthetic appeal, and the production values stand out as a strong aspect of the film. The editing by Avinash could have been more refined, as some scenes feel unnecessary. The songs and background score are satisfactory, and the dialogues, though witty, follow a somewhat formulaic pattern.

Unfortunately, ‘Sound Party’ falls short of delivering a comprehensive entertainment experience due to its lackluster screenplay. The storyline, reminiscent of the 80s, coupled with a predictable plot, fails to ignite excitement among the audience. While there are a few humorous moments featuring Sunny and Shivannarayana, they alone are not enough to salvage the overall viewing experience.

The film’s potential could have been significantly enhanced with a stronger narrative foundation. As it stands, ‘Sound Party’ struggles to fulfill the expectations of movie lovers, leaving room for improvement in its execution.

Cinemirchi.com Rating: 2.75 / 5.0