Hi Nanna,

“Above-average romantic emotional drama with a slow-paced narration”

The first and second halves of the movie are average overall. It takes some time to get into the story in the beginning, with no exciting elements for the first hour. The love story could have been better as there is a lot of potential for a stronger romantic track. However, there is a superb scene in the restaurant involving the hero, heroine, and heroine’s mother. The writing and conversation in that scene are exceptional. I even clapped for that scene.

The dialogues, such as “You are pushing the distance between us in kilometers, while I am pushing it with time. Distance doesn’t change for you, but my time does,” are in the league of renowned writer Trivikram. This scene is the highlight of the first half.

The interval bang is good, and the pre-interval twist caught me off guard. Moving on to the second half, the initial portions dropped significantly in quality and became very slow. The driving scenes in the second half lack interest. However, the last half-hour of the movie is emotionally impactful, with the 30 minutes before the interval and climax engaging the audience. Unfortunately, the remaining portions are just average.

This movie reminds me of some old Telugu films and has a script reminiscent of RAJASHRI PRODUCTIONS (Hindi) and KARAN JOHAR movies. The story is okay, and the screenplay is good in parts. The dialogues are average, but some conversations and emotional dialogues hold up well. The dialogue “He is the son I found without needing to search for him” is next level.

I must mention the dialogue writer for conveying the entire flashback of the heroine in just two lines. “My love for them was enough. They no longer need me, but they are leaving me now. They have been together for so long, and now they are leaving for him.”

The photography is superb and one of the highlights of the movie. The top angle shots of Mumbai and Coonoor are top-notch. The locations are beautiful, and the art direction is excellent. The background properties used add a new color to the movie. The costumes are good, and the editing is satisfactory. The songs are acceptable, with three of them being good. Special mention to Hesham Abdul Waqab for his remarkable voice. The background score is outstanding and takes certain scenes to the next level. The shot of coming out of the car by breaking the mirrors in the accident scene is beautiful. The editing and direction are okay. I particularly enjoyed the writing in a few scenes, and the director has effectively utilized his technicians. However, the biggest downside is the slow-paced narration. The director should have focused on improving this aspect during the writing process.

The production values are good, and a decent budget has been allocated. Nani delivers a good performance, as usual. Mrunal Takur is acceptable, and her costumes are commendable. Chinmayi’s voice complements her character well. The child artiste is cute, and Priyadarshi is okay. The remaining cast is also satisfactory.


  • Outstanding photography
  • Excellent art direction
  • Nani’s performance
  • Well-casted actors
  • Good songs and background score
  • Memorable scenes in the restaurant, interval, pre-interval, and climax
  • Effective writing in certain scenes
  • Engaging dialogues in some conversations


  • Slow-paced narration (the biggest drawback)
  • Initial portions of the first and second halves
  • Personal opinion regarding the title (I believe the trailer and title play a major role in attracting audiences)

Overall, the movie is average with decent openings. However, the buzz surrounding it is not satisfactory. Due to the slow narration, the movie may struggle to achieve commercial success.

My rating: “2.75”