Special Guest, C. Kalyan, spoke about the trailer and expressed how impressive it is. He said that Venkat Reddy’s entry into the industry is a matter of joy. There is always something exciting about new producers entering the industry. He also mentioned that we all should work together to build a good reputation for the team.

Guest, Ram Dasu, Vice President of Film Chamber, also praised the trailer. He mentioned that it looks very promising and with a budget of 4 crores, small films like this always do well. He mentioned that C. Kalyan has a good taste for small films. He congratulated the team for launching the “Dalari” trailer today.

Producer Venkat Reddy spoke next and announced the launch of “Dalari” movie. He said that the technical team has done a remarkable job. The movie’s success depends on its quality and everyone who worked on it has put in their best efforts. The movie will be released on December 15th.

Director Gopal Reddy then spoke and said that every society needs a hero, and in politics, we have politicians who fit that role. Such heroes are shown in our movie “Dalari”. He clarified that this is not just our movie, but everyone’s movie.

Apart from the main guests, the event was attended by producers Damodar Prasad, Prasanna Kumar, T.N. Raju, Salim, and Anil Reddy.

Production: Venkat Reddy
Cinematography: Raj Pai
Screenplay and Direction: Kachidi Gopal Reddy
Lyrics: Sudhala Ashok Teja, Suresh Gangula
Music: Hari Gauri
DOP: Mentam Satish
Editor: Nandamuri Hari
PRO: Babu Nayak (Cine Lokam Magazine)