Mayalo, starring Naresh Agastya, Bhavana, Gnaneshwari, and RJ Hemanth, has finally arrived in theaters! Written and directed by the talented Megha Mitra Parwar, this romantic entertainer has been jointly produced by Shalini Nambu and Radha Krishna Nambu on Frame By Frame Pictures. From the very beginning, it is clear that #Mayalo is a film that modern youth will absolutely love.

The story revolves around Maya, played by the talented Gnaneshwari, who is about to marry her boyfriend, Paul. She has two childhood friends, Krish alias Shiv Krishna (played by Naresh Agastya) and Sindhu (portrayed by Bhavana). As the plot unfolds, we discover that all three friends have complex relationships with each other. Despite this, Maya decides to invite Krish and Sindhu to her wedding. The two friends embark on a road trip together in a rented car for the wedding, but what happens during this journey? What is the true relationship between Krish, Sindhu, and Maya? And why did Maya and Sindhu, who were once inseparable, drift apart? To find out the answers to these intriguing questions and more, you will have to watch the movie yourself.

Mayalo stands out from other movies aimed at modern youth by delivering a truly entertaining and high-quality experience on the big screen. The director has masterfully crafted a screenplay filled with delightful dialogues and hilarious moments that resonate with the youth. Set mostly during a road trip, the chemistry between Naresh Agastya and Bhavana is simply impressive throughout the film. The director ensures that the movie never loses its momentum and keeps the audience engaged from start to finish.

The performances by the cast members are equally remarkable. Naresh Agastya, who has proven his acting skills in movies like “Madhe Vadalara” and “Panchatantra,” delivers yet another outstanding performance that will leave an impression on the youth. His chemistry with Bhavana is palpable, and their portrayal of a modern-day Tom and Jerry during the road trip is nothing short of entertaining. Gnaneshwari shines in the role of Maya, effectively portraying a modern girl with finesse. Her performance, especially in the climax, is on par with Bhavana’s. The dialogues shared between them in the climax are a treat for today’s youth. RJ Hemant also makes a brief appearance as a policeman and leaves a lasting impression. Gnaneshwari’s previous impressive performance in “Month of Madhu” is also evident in this movie, solidifying her position as an actress who effortlessly embodies characters with modern sensibilities. Her role as an influencer in “Sarkaru Naukari” is equally captivating.

The technicians behind the scenes have done a phenomenal job as well. Megha Mitra Parwar’s direction in this romantic entertainer, specifically targeting modern youth, is consistently impressive. The film strikes a perfect balance between romance and comedy, making it a hilarious watch for the audience. The cinematography is visually stunning, capturing the modern essence of the actors perfectly. The editing is crisp, ensuring that the movie never loses its pace. Although the music might not be a standout aspect, it certainly complements the overall experience. The producers have spared no expense in delivering a high-quality movie that will be thoroughly enjoyed by all.

Overall, #Mayalo deserves a solid Movie 3/5


It is a must-watch for modern youth who seek a delightful and entertaining cinematic experience. So, grab your popcorn, sit back, and have a fantastic time at the movies this weekend!