Cast: Bhanushree, Sonakshi Varma, Anurag, Roshini Kamishetti, Jeeva, Sameer, Ravi Varma, and more.

Producer: Rajeshwari Chandraja Vadapalli

Directed by: Konda Rambabu

Cinematography: Venkat Gangadhari

Music: Vijay Kurakula

Editor: Junaid Siddiqui

Release Date: December 15, 2023

Cinemirchi Rating 3/5


In the enchanting city of Warangal, Tanvi (Bhanushree), a passionate aspiring director, sets out to bring her horror story to life. Determined to make her mark, she presents her spine-chilling tale to various producers, hoping for a chance to showcase her talent. Finally, her perseverance pays off when a producer falls in love with her story.

However, he suggests incorporating elements of reality into the climax to add more depth and intrigue to the plot. With this advice in mind, Tanvi seeks refuge with her friend Kalasha (Sonakshi Varma) in Hyderabad, where she plans to revise the climax and stay at Kalasha’s house. Tanvi even introduces Anshu (Roshini), her younger sister, to Kalasha.

As Tanvi settles into the unfamiliar surroundings of Kalasha’s home, she begins experiencing strange sensations and haunting dreams. An invisible presence seems to lurk within the house, leaving Tanvi bewildered and perplexed. Is it possible that Anvita, the missing software engineer girl, is playing tricks on her?

Meanwhile, an observer closely watches Tanvi’s every move, unnoticed by everyone. Through a night of intense and perplexing dreams, Tanvi finally uncovers a shocking truth that will change everything. What awaits Kalasha and Anshu in the original house? How is the missing girl linked to Kalasha? And what secrets lie beneath the surface of Tanvi’s friendship with Rahul (Anurag)? To unlock the answers, you must immerse yourself in the captivating world of Kalash.


Kalash masterfully blends psychological elements with the thrilling horror genre, creating a unique and immersive experience for the audience. Initially presenting itself as a conventional horror movie, the director surprises viewers with a compelling twist after the interval. This twist transforms the story into a psychological horror, captivating viewers with its gradual revelation of the underlying factors that led to the suspenseful sequences.

The chemistry between Bhanushree as Tanvi and Rachcha Ravi is both heartwarming and hilarious, injecting moments of comedy into the film alongside the spine-tingling horror. While some moments may feel slightly prolonged, overall, the second half of the movie brings forth an intriguing web of interconnected characters and mysteries. From Kalasha’s enigmatic background to the disappearance of the city’s software engineer girl, the film’s allure grows with each revelation.

The cast delivers commendable performances, with Bigg Boss fame Bhanushree shining in her role as the ambitious young director, Tanu. Sonakshi Varma, as Kalasha, takes charge in the second half, delivering a captivating performance within the scope of her complex character. Roshini Kamishetti as Anshu, Ravi Varma as Police Officer Karthikeya, Sameer as the mysterious CI, Anurag as the film writer Rahul, and the rest of the cast fulfill their roles with skill and conviction.

On the technical front, Vijay Kurakula’s background music perfectly complements the thrilling atmosphere. Venkat Gangadhari’s cinematography impresses, capturing the essence of each scene with precision and artistry. Notably, Rajeshwari Chandraja Vadapalli, known for her artistic prowess as a versatile artist, singer, and dancer, makes her mark as a passionate producer in her debut film, pouring in abundant resources and passion to bring the story to life.

Kalasha Movie rating of 3.5/5,

making it a must-watch for horror enthusiasts. With its gripping narrative, talented cast, and exceptional production value, this film promises an unforgettable journey into the realms of horror and mystery. Prepare to be thrilled!