Let’s talk about Actor Sritej, who has left an indelible mark with his extraordinary performances in movies like Vangaveeti, Kathanayakudu, Mahanayakudu, Lakshmi’s NTR, Akshara, Itlu Maredumilli Prajanikam, Dhamaka, Parampara, 9 Hours, and ‘Mangalavaram’. Presently, he is gracing many films with his talent, with Pushpa 2 being one of them.

Recently, Actor Sritej had a conversation with the media about his illustrious career, and it left us awe-inspired. He joyfully spoke about the tremendous success of the recently released movie ‘Mangalavaram’, which not only garnered him a good name but also filled his heart with gratitude. Sritej expressed heartfelt thanks to the visionary director Ajay Bhupathi for entrusting him with the role of Guraja in this film. The appreciation also extends to the wonderful producers, Suresh Garu and Swati Garu. The moment he heard about the role of Guraja, his excitement soared to the heavens. A new character, a new challenge – he couldn’t be happier. And now, with the movie reaching unprecedented heights of success, his happiness has multiplied tenfold. The entire team poured their heart and soul into making this film a masterpiece.

Sritej also had the privilege of essaying the role of Devaraj in Ravi Teja’s Ravanasura. It is with utmost sincerity that he thanks Sudhir Verma, producer Abhishek, and the iconic Mass Maharaja himself, Ravi Teja, for their unyielding support and encouragement. In the same year, the movie ‘Dalari’ hit the screens, with Sritej showcasing his brilliance yet again. A special mention goes out to the producer Venkat and director Gopal for their unwavering belief in him. Indeed, 2023 has been a year brimming with joy and fulfillment for him.

As we embark on the journey of 2024, excitement builds up for the streaming of the web series ‘Bahishkarana’ on Zee5, where Sritej takes on the role of the hero. Additionally, the excitement doubles with the release of another movie, “Rambo”. He eagerly awaits the audience’s response to these upcoming projects, hoping that they will appreciate his craft. Sritej extends heartfelt gratitude to all the media friends who continuously uplift and support him in his endeavors. Lastly, with genuine warmth, he wishes a Happy New Year 2024 to all his fans.

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