Ritisha Reddy, a graduate in engineering and fashion design, has made a name for herself in the film industry as a talented costume designer. With a passion for movies since childhood, Ritisha dedicated herself to merging her love for the industry with her creative abilities. Not only did she excel in her studies, but she also wrote, directed, and acted in several short films including “Karmama, It’s Enough, Chelia Ok Piyaya, Facebook Failure, Long Li(Le)v”.

Ritisha’s journey in costume designing took off when she worked on the movie “Sarkaru Naukari” directed by Ganganamoni Shekhar, where she had the opportunity to design costumes for the debut of Sunitha’s son, Akash. The director’s praise during the making of the film is something Ritisha will never forget. The project was coordinated by VN Aditya, who was impressed by Ritisha’s short films and recommended her to director Raghavendra Rao, resulting in her getting a chance to direct. With her background in writing and acting, Ritisha’s skills as a costume designer flourished.

Her career in costume designing started with making costumes for Maheshwari, the heroine of “Bazaar Rowdy” directed by Sampuranesh Babu. She then worked on songs in various films and became a full-fledged costume designer for “Panchatantra Kathalu”. Ritisha believes that costumes should be a reflection of the characters and their state of mind in each scene, and she works diligently to ensure that they are perfect.

While managing her boutique, “Ritisha Reddy Label”, in Suchitra Circle, Hyderabad, and being a mother to two children, Ritisha continues to thrive in her triple role as a costume designer for movies. Her exceptional work has garnered the attention of many celebrities, and she is also recognized for her skills as a stylist and coordinator for NTV Group’s Vanita TV program, “Star Vanita”.

With her talent and dedication, Ritisha Reddy is destined to become a sought-after costume designer in the film industry.